Unmistakable details signed Onirs

Designed to excite, ONIRS Glasses are a Must-Have in every season: modern details and vintage manufacture give life to glasses never seen before.  We have thus achieved incredible Avant – Garde Glasses: Dynamic, Comfortable, Ecological and always original, which reflect the personality of the wearer. We have dedicated them to those who love Refined Fashion, to the most fashionable sportsmen, to the most demanding motorcyclists, to the classy men, to the dynamic and sensual women. ned to be rare and precious.

Sunglasses Summer 2017 unmistakable details signed Onirs

Designed to enchant and make it exciting, the ONIRS summer 2017 sunglasses are a must-have of the warm season. We have been inspired by the trends of the past years to harmonize with modern details and vintage suggestions that give birth to a glasses never seen before.

So we realized the exclusive summer 2017 sunglasses: dynamic, comfortable, with great performance that reflects the character of the wearer. We have dedicated them to the most fashionable sportsmen, the most demanding motorcyclists, the class men, the sensual women. And we did not stop: they are designed to be rare and precious.

The Uniqueness of ONIRS

The Onirs Eyewear System project was realized by correctly interpreting the structural characteristics of Clothing Materials in the Natural State, worked meticulously and with new methods.Textile Fibers or other materials with precise characteristics are carefully selected and tested: Each material is chosen carefully considering all the functional, aesthetic and ergonomic aspects.Our Glasses are totally Hypoallergenic and the internal materials we use are completely non-toxic certified and used also in the medical field.

Sunglasses Summer 2017: ONIRS uniqueness

Every detail is carefully cared for with a glasses that satisfy the highest tastes, a dream glass that also captures the most unattainable looks. All this has been possible by exploiting the features of natural-looking clothing, carefully crafted and passionate to get the best out of every collection.

Fine textile fibers or leather are carefully selected by expert hands: nothing is left to chance. Each material is chosen depending on the internal or external position it occupies in our 2017 summer sunglasses, carefully considering all functional, aesthetic and ergonomic aspects.