Cloth Frames

Fascinating, Practical, totally Hypoallergenic:
these are just a few Characteristics of these
Awesome Frames for Glasses.

Eco Friendly Design

The Process of Creating ONIRS Glasses
it takes place exclusively using
refined Manufacturing Techniques.

Fully Customizable

Onirs Studio Design Creates and Develops
Lines and Series of Exclusive
and Personalized Glasses.


A Concept of Design that you can not find in other Glasses. The Philosophy of a Style of Life that seeks New Intensities.


The  ONIRS Know-How allows to realize Surprising Fashion Accessories in Fabrics for Clothing in the Natural state.

EYEWEAR Advanced Manufacture

Glasses designed for a Highly Personalized Outfit and an absolutely Harmonious use. New Generation Design that interprets the most Significant and Emblematic features of Our Time, always placing the utmost attention to the Preservation of the Environment.